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after four days



Welcome to after_four_days, the icon journal of a_life_verbatim. If you are using my icons please credit after_four_days.


There are a few simple rules for using this icon journal.

Comment so that I know which styles are more popular. This helps me in making better icons for you in the future.

Credit so that you, and other people, know where you got the icon from in case you want more later. Please credit in keywords.

Don't hotlink if you do, you're using my bandwidth. I don't mind if you link my icons to an LJ community or to your personal journal on one or two occasions, but please ask otherwise.

Don't edit I spend a lot of time making these icons, so don't edit them. Textless icons are not bases. I'm happy to customise icons for you.


It's easy to browse the journal! On the left hand side of the main page you can find a list of all the tags that have been used so far. Tags are sorted by both genre and subject. You may also like to browse through the tag page. At the moment I do not update the memories page but this may change.


You can add this icon journal to your friends list if you would like updates. I will most likely friend you back, though at this point I haven't decided if friends get special privileges.


I'm happy to take requests if you are able to provide me with an image and an idea of what you want. If you're interested in one of the fandoms I already make icons for, and you want me to make a number of icons of a particular scene, ship, or character, please ask me in the latest entry.


I make screencaps for My Name Is Earl. You can find the screencaps in my journal in the Earl Screencap Index.


You can find a list of the resources I use here.


jubilli at magnetboyicons


If you would like to affiliate with me please drop me a note in this post.